PDP-6 and -10


Some PDP-6 prehistory.

Description of the PDP-6/10 instruction set

Assembler hacks on the PDP-6/10

A collection of different bootstrap loaders for the PDP-6

Notes on the PDP-6 indicator lights

Photos of the remains of the PDP-6 of the University of Western Australia, now at LCM in Seattle.

Photos of all PDP-10s at LCM.
The KI10 is one processor of a dual processsor configuration that originally ran in Kiel.
The KA10 operator console comes from a DEC museum in Australia.
The lone KA10 front panel belonged to Mark Crispin and before that to the KA10 at Stanford.
The KS10 next to the TOAD-1 is MIT-AI.

I gave a talk at Update in 2018 about the PDP-6 (slides).

I gave a talk at Update in 2019 about the Whirlwind I, MTC, TX-0, PDP-1, -4, -5 and -6. (slides and diagrams). (Video recording will be up as well eventually)


I did a PDP-6/-10 version of SectorLambda

I started recreating the PDP-6 and PDP-10 room in VR. The PDP-6 is connected to my emulator over the network. See the thread about it on Twitter.

I've recreated the PDP-6 and PDP-10 (KA10) on an FPGA. Still a lot of work to do though. DECtape isn't easy.

The Knight TV system resurrected

I've written a PDP-6 emulator

Read about our project to make a PDP-6 front panel replica here. (NOTE: this project has been dormant for over a year)

tenth is simple forth for the PDP-10 (my first project for the PDP-10)



Mail to aap _at_ pdp-6.net or talk to me via irc on libera (#pdp-10 or msg aap)