PDP-6/10 Lambda Calculus

This project was inspired by Justine Tunney's Lambda Calculus in 397 Bytes. I thought it was so cool and I just had to port it to the PDP-10.

It currently runs under ITS (set TS=1) and bare metal (set TS=0). It will print a newline, after which you type in your binary lambda code. You can start over with ESC/Altmode. If the program is reading input this will also end the input. After one run it restarts automatically.

Example session of running LAM10 on the PDP-6:

LAM10			;load from MACDMP
0001011001000110100000000001011100111110111100001011011110110000010		;reverse.blc
110011100010		;input
010001110011		;output
The Code